Remove Leading & Trailing Spaces

We have noticed that some of our data that was imported has unwanted leading and/or trailing spaces which is creating issues when appending new data, general searches etc…

Rather than go to every recorded and manually removed this annoyance, we’re looking for a way to remove (trim) this existing data of the leading and trailing spacing.

Any and all help is appreciated… JON

There are likely three options.

1 - Remove with JavaScript :man_technologist:
(I can’t help you with that :laughing:)
2 - Use Make to trim the text.
This gives the benefit of updating the original data.
3 - Use a Text Formula field to trim (my preferred option)

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Hey Carl, thank you for the reply…

Removing by using a JS was what I was hoping for.

I thought about using a Text Formula field but due to the fact I have these fields setup already as Short Text and trying to change them, Knack is giving me a warning that I will loose data in I change field type. I know that I can just add new Text Formula field and a simple equation to duplicate the Short Text field with issues, but then I would have to go into all the apps and add the new Text Formula field.

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Hey @Jon1,
For a one-off exercise, you can export your data to Excel and use the TRIM( ) formula to do this and reimport, otherwise if you want a preventative measure, the below piece of JS should work for you.
It listens for when any inputs (of type text) or text areas loses focus, and trims the text automatically.


$(document).on('knack-view-render.any', function(event, view, data) {
  $('input[type="text"], textarea').on('blur', function() {
        // Get the trimmed value of the input
        var trimmedValue = $(this).val().trim();
        // Update the input with the trimmed value


Hey Stephen, thanks for the code. Works like a charm.

It actually helped me with another issue that I posted a couple days ago with removing a user’s “extra” space in search field.

I will posted solution in that post and of course give credit to you.

Thanks again… JON

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Awesome @StephenChapman - that’s gone into my code snippet library and will form part of my setup on apps moving forward.
Leading and trailing spaces can be a pain to deal with.
A super simple code based solution. :man_technologist:
Thank you :pray:

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Thanks @Jon1 and @CarlHolmes!
I’ve mentioned how to adjust the code to handle pressing enter in search inputs here.