Record Saved during session invalidation?

I think Knack saved a record during an authorization failure / re-directed login / other failure …

I am using inspectlet to record user sessions…

What the recording shows:

  • user opens on “Home Page” with a list of “Open Positions”
  • user clicks on “accept or decline” (link) which opens a knack form to collect “Accept” or “Decline” decision
  • user clicks "submits’ (with default option of “decline”) selected
  • spinner
  • user presented with a login screen
  • user logs in
  • user continues on “Accept or Decline” form
  • user clicks “Submit” (radio options for “accept” or “decline”, “decline” is default)
  • form detects “decline” and asks for additional information
  • user adds additional information and hits submit

I can find nothing in the inspectlet session recording where “accepts” option was actually every selected …

however the record history clearly shows a record with that status.

My theory is that perhaps the session expired and authorization check when first attempt at submit caused the “Accept” status to be saved.

When user re-logged in, they were able to decline the position as was their intention.

Anyway, do any Knack experts have a theory how the “Accept” got saved if the user never selected it ?

(I understand we are assuming that inspectlet session recording didn’t miss user activity.)

Thanks in advance.