Process Invoices to Xero


I currently have an app which shows the appointments that have been undertaken by doctors for individuals. The Activity Register (as it is called), shows:


Employee Seen

Who seen by (Doctor, Nurse or other)

Amount of Charge

VAT Rate

I know that I can link this up to Xero through Zapier, but I am wondering if there is a way to click on a button next to each appointment instead which will then process those details straight to Xero.

I'm not even sure if it's possible?



I've never used Xero before, so I'm not sure this will help. But generally speaking, when using an external service, you could use an Ajax call to post your data from Knack. However, assuming the external service requires user/pwd to post a request, if you use such an ajax call, your user/pwd would be vulnerable to anyone using your application. So, until Knack provides some Open Auth services, or allow such calls to be made from their backend servers, I advise you to use tools like Zapier that will pull your data and post it accordingly to external services.