Need Help with figuring out what structure I need

I am a total newbie to Knack. I've been playing around for a week or so and I can make some things happen, but I can't get a handle on the best way to configure the data I need and then the pages to display it. 


Here's the gist- (these aren't the real topics but the functionality would be the same) 

I have hundreds of apple trees. I'm trying to design an app to keep track of their attributes, and the quality of each of those attributes. 

So- hundreds of apple tree varieties. Each are assessed according to about 3 dozen attributes (like tart, sweet, late bearing, early bearing, etc), and then within those attributes, they are scored on a 1-4 scale-


macintosh, tart 4, sweetness 3, early bearing 4, frost resistant 2

I  know the trees need to be an object. I tried making the attribute an object and the grading an object, but that doesn't seem to work. 

I was thinking maybe JUST the trees as an object, with the attributes+grade a field, choosing that from a drop down menu or multiple choice or something. 

But because each attribute has 4 levels to it, the multiple choice gets really unwieldy. 

Should each attribute and it's 4 grades be one field? 

I also need to be able to search via tree name, attribute OR grade. This makes me think they need to be separate objects, but when i tried that, it just didn't work. 

I have other info i need in htere as well (like, each tree has 'background' information like year, region, soil type, etc but that's like biographical and i can figure out how to input that data easy enough)


Any help with how to make these 3 things- tree/attribute/grade- work together would be greatly appreciated! 


Hi Kelly,

The fields of the tables  from the screenshots as following :

Trees : Type, Attribute, Score, TreeInfo

Scores : Score

Trees Info : TreeInfo, Year, Soil, Region

Types : Type

Attributes : Attribute


You can also have more fields e.g.

Field=AttributeDescription in table Attributes to describe details about attribute etc.


Thanks for providing feedback.


NealPatil @

Thanks, Neal. Those tables look good. You didn't specify, but it sounds like my approach to just have one object and the other information as fields is what you did here as well. 

I'll work with this against what I came up with and see where I land. 


thanks for the help! 


Hi Kelly,

I have created spreadsheet prototype screenshots.

You will need the following 5 tables.

  1. Tree Attributes
  2. Tree Types
  3. Trees List
  4. Tree Grading Scores
  5. Trees - It will use data from all the 4 above



Tree Attributes



Tree Types :



Trees List :



Tree Grading Scores :



Trees :



Let me know if you have any questions.


NealPatil @