Global variables

Hi there,

I have a situation whereby multiple Objects are reliant on a date oriented variable. The only way I seem to be able to pass the value (say eg, Early bird flag) from one Object to another is by the use of Text Equation, such that...

  • Object 1 - Member: Date to set Early bird flag to Enable is 1 Oct 2021 and to Disable is 1 Dec 2021. I have a flag called "Early bird flag".
  • Object 2 - Financial: Connected to Member Object.
  • Object 3 - Invoice: Connected to Financial Object. I wish to use the "Early bird flag" as record rule criteria, but cannot look up Member Object as it is not connected directly.

In this case, how I have accomplished to map the "Early bird flag" value is to use Financial Object as a 'bridge'. Although it is not used or needed for the Financial records, I had to create a field that 'pulls' the "Early bird flag" from Member Object, so the Invoice Object, which is connected to the Financial Object and not Member Object, would be able to refer to the flag.

You may say "how about connecting the Member Object from Invoice Object". It may be an easy take, but if there is a global variables (like how our old style programming languages use to have), it saves the pain and redundant information spaghetti coding all over the schema.

Appreciate such 'global variable' style feature can be sought of.