Easy access to Record IDs

It would be super to have an easy way to access record IDs. Then, using a text formula, one could easily create static URLs for records, for users, for transactions, etc. For example, if you could just insert the record ID at the end of a search page URL sequence... #search/view-details/{record-ID}

Then... baboom! You have a [rofile URL for users, for important records in the database, that you can further embed into HTML code to make Like buttons for those URLs, buttons and more!

We really want to be able to create social media buttons for our objects, and just can't do this now, because we don't have a way to generate static URLs.

You guys already give access to the Record ID in the Email forms. It seems it would be easy to create a custom string like record-ID() that can work for text formulas.

Please make Record ID available as field value in the builder. Would be very helpful to have when sending multiple emails in a form to include direct links to connected Record IDs for different users. Thank you.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for this. I took a close look, but it seems that your script only records the record IDs into the database as the records are made. Is my understanding correct? That's great, but, we've got all our old records that we need to reference somehow still. Any way to tweak your script to go over and capture all the previously generated records?



Try this: https://support.knack.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000630992-Make-Record-IDs-Generally-Available-Potentially-as-an-Accessible-Field-in-all-Objects-?page=1#community_comment_115000662552