Donations to Knack Experts

Hi guys,

Maybe the Knack Experts should have a Donate buton on their Knack Expert Page to send them some money whenever we feel like. It would motivate them to contribute more and faster, for the many.
There are a lot of old useful posts from Experts that saved a lot of time (and money).


So glad to hear you’re getting value out of the help the Knack Experts have been providing here in the forum!

One thing that I’d encourage you or anyone else to do - would be to mark the replies to your topics as “Solved”. This will help future answer-seekers, but also will be a way for Experts to showcase the # of solved posts they have here in the forum, as a means of gaining social proof.


How do we mark “solved” the replies to topics?

Hi Michael - the “Solved” feature only allows the author of the topic or staff to mark a reply as the solution, and you’ll see that option in the Help Center, API & Customizations, and Feature Requests categories.

If you are not the author but found a piece of custom code useful, please reply with a comment or like it! Due to the large number of topics that were migrated from our old forum, there may be some valid solutions that are left unsolved, but we plan to utilize this going forward.

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