Creating a normalised dataset from a user form

I’m creating a sports league.
One of the key inputs is: submitting the results of each Match. A Match consists of 4 games (each game being a contest between 2 individuals).
The best way to collect this from a user perspective is to collect all the results from a Match in one go. This implies having a Match database, where each record consists of the results from 4 games as above.
However, this results in a database that isn’t in normalised form and difficult to analyse etc.
My query is, how to collect the information in a user friendly way, whilst populating a database that is then subsequently easy to analyse and conforms to the “rules” of relational databases!! HELP!!!

Hey John,

The model you will want to follow is similar to this Orders App guide. While your use case is obviously not “orders” and “order items” this would translate to “matches” and “scores”, for example. In other words you would use a results object to enter each result record that represents a child record to the Match. Here is the guide for reference. We also have an example of a sports league app here if interested.

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