Cascaded objects connection, reversing information

Take Object A that Connects to Object B

Then Object B connects with Object C

Object C is like an aggregator for different types of information that share a common record information like Date/person/Objective to display on a Calendar, since calendar view only allows input from ONE object, I made this workarround to have several different objects which have those records to auto populate Object C, this way I can view them all on Calendar View.

Now, Her's my Problem, I need to access information from Object A from within Object C, and I can't, somehow that link only works from A->B->C and not from C->B->A.

I can get from C information of B but not from A, they're all connected so, there must be a way to do it.

What I have done is when I'm working with A records, if I create a NEW B record, on submission I have a record rule that populates those shared fields to a connected object, in this case, Object C.

On view mode within builder, when choosing Object C fields, I can within the dropdown menu access fields from Object A and put them on that view, but on runtime, they're always empty.