Can't filter the lists in search fields view or in edit-inline according to logged-in user / other rules [in form it's work perfect]

  • Project
  • Tasks
  • Task location
  • Employee
Each employee can create project, and than task.
Each employee can create private list of his location, so he can create task and connect the task to on of his locations. (not locations of others users).
A. Now, my problem is:
In the form to add task - it is easy to make that he will see just his list of locations. (see in screenshot)
but... in the search - when he click on the filter - he can see the the locations of other users too...
(it's just example, but there is many views that the same thing).
(user: password: 1)
B. I saw in trello that this future is complete:
but, i don't find that in the builder.

C. The same problem is in edit-inline too.
Maybe the is a API that can fix that?

Thank you very much!
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