Can you sign multiple forms?

Is there any way I can add a signature, or copy a signature, to multiple records?

Thats correct, but batch update will not work with a signature.


I understand you want to update all records of a same object.

You should try "Batch update". Pls refer to this post for the how to part of it

Thank you. I'll add some more information.

I have a bunch of records that need a signature added to the record. Signing off on each record is going to be very tedious, because I have over 100 records. If I could sign all of the records at once, it would be much less tedious.

I have tried editing the records in the builder, however it will not let me make changes to a signature field when I have multiple records selected.

Hi Patrick.

Could you please be a bit more specific so we can can understand better your need?

(on what kind of event you would like signature to be copied - What kind of records (record of a same object, or record from connected object...)?