Can this be done? - rebuilt app and need data to be repopulated

Hi All

I have recently planned a rebuild of our business app. It is a mini erp of sorts that does everything from lead to sale to order to install and to ongoing services.

I have had to make a change which inserts 2 new objects into the workflow. This was basically breaking down one big object into 3.

All our existing installation/systems data is still under the original object (4). I need repopulate relevant fields from Object 4 over to the new objects 2 and 3. (Object 1 is customer database).

There are many connections and status' (multiple choice fields) and accounts that will be effected.

Is there a professional data migration approach available that we can pay for? or will we need to do this ourselves manually?

We appreciate there will be some scoping and planing involved. We are Sydney based if that means anything.

Not sure if you have done this yet but if it's a simple transfer from Object 4 to new fields in Object 2 nd 3, you could design a scenario in Integromat to do this automatically.

It depends how complex your relationships are but you could basically map the fields from Object 4 in one app and upload them to objects 2 and 3 and get it to run.

I should be clearer. The new app is mostly completed, and operating under the new workflow. All new customers and orders use the new workflow and it is fine. I dont need a builder.

It is a matter of getting the existing data repopulated to match the new workflow so that we are able to recall the data and utilise for servicing etc. The changes to the location of connections, and parent/child relationships mean that there needs to be a massage of data so that the systems and customers all match up under the new page views etc