Calendar to Show Monday to Sunday - Week Start is Monday

I would like to be able to set an app setting of a Monday week start day and have this cascade throughout the app - date pickers, filters ("current week") and views (Calendars).

Scenario: Standard UK business reporting runs Monday-Sunday and this makes reports in Knack for "is during the current" week difficult as we have to create multiple filters to achieve the same result since the Knack "week" is Sunday-Saturday.

This has now been actioned on the calendar - thank you Knack :)

however, the filters still use SUNDAY start for 'Week' filters ...

Although there is the option to select monday/sunday to start the week in Calendar view, it is not possible for the calendar popup. (David code: $.datepicker.setDefaults({ firstDay: 1 }); )

The day start of the week should be a selection in the App Settings:

Yes and the filters STILL use start of the week as SUNDAY - which it NEVER is in the UK …

And in this thread they are commenting that the date picker popup does not translate to the language selected in the App Settings.

Knack Team: easy improvements for top UX!

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It would be nice to make the pop-up calendar view customisable by choosing the start day of the week (Sunday/Monday).

+1 for this! I can't believe this isn't a feature considering such option exists for calendar page.

IMHO date format and week starting day should be a global localisation setting under App Settings. I don't see a situation where someone would have the need for having different date formats within a single app..

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 This is available under the Calendar view settings, the "Week Start" option, which allows you to select if you want the week on your calendar to start on Sunday or Monday.

And Mikus Upmalis - it looks like what you're suggesting might be along the lines of this post "Configuration type of Object & App Settings". Feel free to add your vote there.

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When we select a cell with a "date" field, it still shows the calendar weeks starting on Sunday... :..(


Is there any way to fix it?

In Europe, the week starts on Monday!