Auto Reference ID

Is there a way to automatically generate an ID when adding a self-evaluation record to the appraisal process, using the existing appraisal ID as a reference?

Appraisal object

Self Evaluation object

Whenever a record is created in the “Appraisal” object, a reference ID is automatically assigned and passed on to the “Self Evaluation” object. These two objects are linked in such a way that the reference ID serves as a unique identifier and helps to associate records between the two objects.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @RonB,

not sure if i understand your question correctly. Could you please explain the connection between the two objects?

Apparently, you pass on the ID between the objects. Using the “Auto Increment” field, what else do you need?

Hi @Wolfgang_Brötz , sorry for the confusion…Will going to delete this thread and will update my query. Thansk :slight_smile: