Allow new users to register without approval

I have a user role created that I would like new users to be able to register for without approval and gain immediate access to their section of the app.

My login form is setup and user registration set to "Open", which says "new users can register and gain immediate access to this scene.".

However, when I register a new user, a window pops up that says "Your registration has been submitted for approval. Once approved you will receive an email with further instructions." Included in that popup is a link to go back to the page this new user was trying to access. I can click that link, which takes me back to the login screen and enter the new user credentials and I can login right away so I know the new user is being approved immediately. However, I'd like the new user to be logged directly into the app and not receive this message.

Is that possible? I can't see what I'm missing in the setup.

Hi Kari -

It sounds like this "open" registration is displaying the incorrect message. We'll take a look and let you know when we have further details.


This is a screen shot of the popup message when I create a new user for this role.