Accounts & Logging In

Hi All, 

I am using accounts in my app.  I have a Candidate user and a Recruiter user and I have created Home pages for each of them based.

On my web page, I have a link to login as the Candidate or User


All works fine if I am a Candidate and log in as a Candidate, or if I am a Recruiter and log in as a Recruiter. However, I noticed that if I am a Candidate, and I try to log in as a Recruiter, it doesn't tell me Email or Password is incorrect, it tells me I don't have permission to access the page. 


I would like to change this message to be informative, something like "Please make sure you are selecting the correct login button....or something like that).  I would even be OK with the message being the same as if they used the wrong user name and password combination. 

Any thoughts/recommendations?